01. In a [normal] week, you can expect to study between 15-20 items of vocabulary in this class.
02. My cat doesn't [normally] like to be petted by strangers, but she doesn't seem to mind you doing it at all.
03. A feeling of [normality] has returned to this quiet village now that the killer is behind bars.
04. Other than the fact that he was born with two heads, he is a fairly [normal] sort of guy.
05. Britain is seeking to [normalize] relations with its former colony now that the battle for independence is over.
06. Our company has earned 50% more in profits than [normal] this month, and I want to know why.
07. People who are depressed tend to get sick more often than people who are in a [normal] state of mind.
08. Marlon Brando once said, "All I want to be is [normally] insane."
09. Becky Alunan once said that trying to be normal is the greatest [abnormality] in the world.
10. We are [normally] quite busy at this time of day, but today for some reason it's very quiet.
11. Constant change is the [norm] in our universe.
12. Thefts and assaults have become the [norm] in this area due to the high numbers of drug users living here.
13. Playing games helps children to learn both social [norms] and social skills.
14. Studies show that constant exposure to media content [normalizes] violence, with the result that children come to believe that society is violent.
15. Falling asleep to the sounds of bombs and gunfire has become the [norm] for many children living in war-torn countries.
16. Lapham Lewis once suggested that a society that presumes a [norm] of violence and celebrates aggression, whether in the subway, on the football field, or in the conduct of its business, cannot help making celebrities of the people who would destroy it.
17. Carl Bernstein once remarked that for the first time, the weird and the stupid and the coarse are becoming our cultural [norm], even our cultural ideal.
18. Sara Lawrence Lightfoot once stated that parents are the first teachers, and education begins before formal schooling and is deeply rooted in the values, traditions, and [norms] of family and culture.
19. Psychologists have proposed a number of criteria with which to define [abnormality].
20. The child's [abnormal] behavior was starting to worry his parents.
21. The two governments are trying to [normalize] relations, now that the conflict has been resolved.
22. The doctor is concerned because your grandfather has an [abnormal] heartbeat, and we're worried about the possibility of a heart attack.
23. Temperatures have been [abnormally] high this summer, and a couple of records have been broken.
24. It took some time for a [normalization] of relations between the two countries to occur following the end of the conflict.
25. A daily injection of insulin [normalizes] her blood-sugar levels.
26. Relations between the former enemies are slowly [normalizing] now that hostilities have ceased.
27. Sociologists maintain that our world is ordered by the beliefs, [norms], and values of the group we are born into.
28. A recent study suggests that spanking children makes them aggressive and anxious, even in societies where it is the cultural [norm].

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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